The Source

Immuno-Dynamics, Inc.

Photo of Immuno-Dynamics
Harvested and Processed in the Heart of Wisconsin Dairy Country

Immuno-Dynamics was founded in 1979 by Richard H. Cockrum, DVM. Researcher and author Beth M. Ley, PhD, Nutrition, referred to Dr. Cockrum as the “Father of Colostrum”, in recognition of his pioneering research.

In 1995, after 10 years of product manufacturing, Mark Burton assumed all colostrum buying duties. Within months he realized that with diligence and commitment, the standards describing 0-6 hour colostrum in the Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry could be achieved consistently.

Dr. Cockrum approved these standards of identity knowing that a credible and high bar would guarantee maximum quality, value and consumer confidence. The newly trademarked First Milking Bovine Colostrum® was assured to be an accurate description for all products produced by Immuno-Dynamics.

The bar at Immuno-Dynamics has been raised continually ever since. Mass market companies do not do this since the supply of highest quality colostrum is limited and costs far more to obtain. Independent laboratory analyses reveal that in most of the colostrum industry, terms such as “first milking” and “six hour” are frequently used for colostrum products that are neither. The Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry identity standards are often referred to but not adhered to.

Goetsche Labs Colostrum4 is sourced from the smallest family farms in the industry with an average herd size of 120 cows, compared to typical Southwest US or California dairies with average herd sizes of over 1,000 cows. Also in contrast to the mass production dairies, which collect colostrum from the very first time a cow lactates, Immuno-Dynamics collects colostrum from mature cows only.

Two miles east of the front door, one of the small family dairies used by Immuno-Dynamics.

Immuno-Dynamics processes only the surplus of the single first milking after calving, which is humanely harvested on average 4 hours after calving.  Independent lab analyses confirm that no colostrum in the world is sourced sooner after calving than Gòettsche Labs’ Colostrum4®.