Colostrum4 Kilo

One full kilogram (2.2 pounds) of 100% pure, grass fed, whole and intact 4 hour colostrum, nothing added and nothing removed, exactly as nature designed it. Tested to verify 4 hour harvest time and organic quality by 2 independent labs. Colostrum transitions to normal milk hour by hour after the calf is born. With each passing hour the product contains less true colostrum and more plain old milk. If you want the best colostrum and you want to know without a doubt where it came from, this is the one. The calves are provided with all the first colostrum they need to be viable, strong, and healthy. If they were not, there would be no more dairy herds after one generation.

Price: $179.00. Shipping is free to any US destination. Now available in the kilo size only. Money-back, 90 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee for one opened jar, additional jars must be returned with the seals intact for a refund.