The World’s ONLY 4 Hour Colostrum


GÖETTSCHE LABS is guided by the irrefutable concept that nature knows what it is doing. Regarding dietary supplements, and colostrum in particular, GÖETTSCHE LABS lives by the credo, “The Role of Science Should be to Preserve Nature in its Purest Form”. GÖETTSCHE LABS has a second credo that is equally important as the first, the role of science should be to reveal the truth. Transparency is essential to reveal the truth.

Photo of colostrum kilo production plant
Immuno-Dymanics, Inc, the producer of Göettsche Labs Colostrum4.

There are hundreds of retailers with their own brands of colostrum but only a handful of producers. Among that handful of producers, the raw colostrum source, time of collection, and finished products vary greatly. The consumer is more than justified in asking the retailer of any brand, “Who actually produces the colostrum you sell?”

The answers to the questions below can be verified when the producer of the colostrum is known.

  • How many milkings after calving are collected by the producer and what is the average time of harvest for each?
  • Will the manufacturer provide chemical identity standards for components known to be determinant of harvest time and colostrum quality?
  • Do the retailer’s claims match the producer’s statements?
  • Will the brand you are buying provide a traceable identity analysis for each lot you purchase? If not when was the last traceable “certification”?
  • Is the colostrum whole, or is it fractionated to sell as separate products and/or to raise the percentages of the most highly publicized components?
  • Is the colostrum 100% pure, as designed by nature, or does it have additives?
Göettsche Labs Provides: Others Provide:
Defined and published standards of product identity. No defined and published standards of product identity.
Laboratory identity analysis for every batch, that is directly traceable to your purchase. Certifications performed up to 15-20 years ago. “Voted best!” types of claims and award references.
Products made from only the single first milking of colostrum collected on average 4 hours after calving. Products made from colostrum harvested up to 24 hours post calving and/or from 2 milkings.
An average protein to lactose ratio of 4.7. (The protein to lactose ratio described in Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry for first milking, 0-6 hour colostrum is a minimum of 3.7.) Reference to Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry but inability to show conformance to it. Promotional schemes touting “improvements” to natural colostrum, to distract from the fact of marketing cheap, inferior colostrum.
The Greatest Value. Truth in Promotion. Claims Often Without Substantiation.


If you do not know what company produces the colostrum for any specific  brand, just ask. You have every right to know. GÖETTSCHE LABS colostrum is produced by Immuno-Dynamics, Inc., the industry leader in both harvest time and product quality.

Colostrum4 Kilo

One full kilogram (2.2 pounds) of 100% pure, grass fed, whole and intact 4 hour colostrum, nothing added and nothing removed, exactly as nature designed it. Tested to verify 4 hour harvest time and organic quality by 2 major independent laboratories. Colostrum transitions to normal milk hour by hour after the calf is born. With each passing hour the product contains less true colostrum and more plain old milk. If you want the best colostrum and you want to know without a doubt where it came from, this is the one. (The calves are provided with all the colostrum they need to be viable, strong, and healthy, as the first priority.)

Goettsche Labs 4 hour colostrum is owned and sold exclusively by Synertek Colostrum, Inc.